Library Rules


  1. Library is Accessible to bonafide students and staff of the College.
  2. Library is open from 08.30 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.
  3. Library observes Open Access System.
  4. Students shall produce their Identity card.
  5. Books will be issued as per the Circulation Time-table.
  6. Handle the books carefully while browsing /consulting them.
  7. Periodicals, Reference books, and rare-books will not be issued except in the special case with the prior permission of the Librarian
  8. While borrowing, student should check the book for missing pages if any or any other damages. He / She should bring it immediately to the notice of the Librarian / Library staff.
  9. All books taken by the reader for consultation in the Library should be returned to the counter assistant before leaving the Library.
  10. Do not mark or fold any pages of the Library –book.
  11. An issued book must be returned within Ten days otherwise an overdue fine of Rs. 1.00 per day per book will be charged.
  12. Library-books damaged by the student shall pay its cost
  13. Books may be renewed, if not in demand and at the discretion of the Librarian.
  14. No part of Library reading material shall be photo-copied, without permission of Librarian.


  1. Reading Hall is available for the Students and Staff
  2. Students shall always posses their Identity card.
  3. Students should sign in the Attendance Register before entering the Reading Hall.
  4. Always observe Silence.
  5. Eatables are not allowed.
  6. Only one book will be issued for reading at reading hall .
  7. In case, any problems please consult the Librarian / Library staff.



  1. Internet facility is available to all bonafide students and staff of the College.
  2. Students and staff should enter his/her name in the log book for access to the Digital Library.
  3. Internet is for academic purpose only.
  4. External devices like pen drive, CD’s are not allowed in the Digital Library.
  5. Printout can be taken with prior permission of the Librarian on payment of Rs. 1.00 per copy.


  1. Photocopying facility is available to all students and staff.
  2. Photocopying facility is only for academic purpose
  3. Photocopying is at the cost of 50 paise per one side copy
  4. For office purpose photocopying prior written permissions of the Director/Principal is essential